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The New Zealand esports scene is divided. Some people will tell you its thriving. Some people will tell you it’s limping along. It all depends on who you talk to (and when).

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The Kiwi games industry is both bigger and smaller than you think. It’s about 600 people strong and covers the main centres. Most people know of Grinding Gear Games (and especially the acquisition by Chinese company Tencent last year) or have played Dinosaur Polo Club’s massively successful Mini Metro on their mobile phone.

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The indie gaming industry is so much bigger than you expect. Studios can range from one person hobbyists right the way up to Bungie and it’s juggernaut offering, Destiny 2, and literally everything in between.

Credit: Flirting with Disaster

I’m not going to waste time with introductions because you all probably know Chazz.

Credit: Depths

So, Depths didn’t break up. Nope, they’re on tour. They’ve got an album too and it’s probably the heaviest thing you’ll hear out of this side of the Southern Ocean until the nails are being driven into your coffin.

I met Andrew [Ashton, guitarist] in the bowels of Ding Dong Lounge. It was the middle of the day. The jet black floors were wet and sticky, having just been mopped, and the air conditioning hummed in the background.

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